Help fight for the land you live in, freedom of speech, our own sovereignty (no EU meddling), stronger defence, strong curbs on immigration, abolition or greater controls of the Human Rights Act, and putting the rights of our legal and law abiding citizens first, etc.etc. Our Health and Safety laws need need some changes as well.  Don't just say you'd like to see these things happen, do something about it !  You can make a difference by joining the Whilst the others play and dress up at being Knights Templars, we do the business.

We at the do not condone violence towards any religion and  should any of our members be found guilty of such offences, they will be immediately banned from membership. We fight the fight, by way of persuasion, voting tactics, peaceful protest and petitions.


What are you going to receive  ?

Our beautiful enamelled pin badge based on the original Knights Templar arms, for you to wear with pride and show others that you care about Great Britain

A superb professional  A4 certificate on real parchment for you to frame. Be proud to display to those around you, that you belong to an organisation that puts your rights and theirs, first !

A bi-monthly bulletin sent to you by email giving latest news, meetings, petitions appertaining to our cause, photo's and a bit of fun too !

Should you require it at any time, you will have access to our Chaplaincy service, with our Official Knights Templar Chaplain, the Rev. Royden Harrill