UK Commanderies

With our membership growing steadily every week, It is hoped that over this next few years, more Commanderies will be available to our Knights and Dames in their area.
Commanderies are usually monthly gatherings of our members, to generally socialise with each other, discuss and present ideas to further our cause and encourage others to join our organisation.


New Official Commanderies, recently started are:

The London KT-UK Commandery. Serving the London/Kent area, the Area Commander is Michael DeCarlo.

The North Wales KT-UK Commandery . N.Wales Area Commander is Paul Alldis.

Ist Grimsby Knight Templar Group. Although not an official KT-UK Commandery, many of it's members are Knights and Dames of our organisation and affiliate themselves with us.

Should any of our Knights and Dames wish to participate in the above groups, please contact us through our 'Contact Us' facility on the left and full details will be sent to you. Should anyone wish to start a Commandery in their own area, again please use the contact facility for enquiries.

Proposed Commanderies:

Commanderies have been proposed by members for the North West (Durham/Northumberland) area and for the SW (Torquay/Devon area) Anyone living in those areas and wish to participate, please contact us through the 'Contact Us' facility.



Insignia of an Area Commander.