The good thing about a democracy like ours, is the fact that we, the public, are able to vote in the party, that we think would be best running our country. We at the Knights Templar are not a political party and would not tell you how you should vote. That decision is left to you, although we may give you a hint or two as to where our feelings lay !  Below, you'll find links to the main political parties with a few comments from us, on how they may best suit the aims of our organisation.

Click on the logo's below to visit the sites of the main parties and see what they have to say. If you wish, ignore our comments, but certainly visit their sites and form your own opinion as to how they suit the needs of yourself and how you would like to see this country run


English Democrats. Gives the Knights Templar most of what we want, but confined to England. No mention of defence policy.
In favour of most of what the Knights Templar want. Need to stave off old National Front and racist tag. A spent force ?
Anti EU, more spent on defence, better justice. Curbs on immigration. Sound good ? A party for the future ?
A party that's woke up to a lot of what we want. Promised an EU referendum and abolotion of the Human Rights Act.
Pro EU and rather weak on everything else.
Pro EU. Have to be judged on what they did when they were in office. ..oh dear !
Founded in 2013, they are the new kids on the block. With many of their ideals similar to ours, they are well worth a look.