A Good Moan

I believe in Freedom of the individual and justice. Freedom to think what you want think, freedom to protect your way of life, and freedom to carry out your ideals, if you can legally do so. However many of these freedoms are under threat in the UK, and many other countries too.

justice scalesWhat do you moan about ? I'll tell you the things I moan about, the main one being immigration and especially illegal immigration. To some degree, immigration is needed in most countries, to fill parts of the economy and the work force. There are at times, as happened with the UK, moments in history when a country needs a little help, and immigrants are actually invited to come and help out, with the promise of being a British Citizen. In the past, this has proved worthwhile for us, and we have many immigrants and generations of those immigrants, who have proved to be solid, loyal citizens of the UK.

Not so these days though ! Just about anybody it seems and especially after we joined the EU and implemented Tony Blair's infamous Human Rights Act, can now come to the UK, take our jobs, take our money and take our housing ! This seems to be the case for both legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. There are many countries in this world who, on finding an illegal immigrant or bogus immigrant, immediately deport them, back to from whence they came.
Something we ought to do, rather than go through the 'procedures',  which very often allow said 'immigrant' never to be seen again ! Somehow in the UK, we seem hog tied, to even get rid of those who have entered illegally. "Report to the local police station every week, so we can look at your case over the next year", is the mantra our politicians seem to tell these illegal immigrants. In most cases they don't do so, and disappear into the 'black economy'. Oh dear !