Our Aims

Most other Templar organisations follow the pomp and ceremony of what they think the original Knights Templar portrayed and enjoy the regalia to go with it. Apart from charitable works though, I haven't seen any of them actually follow what the original Knights Templar were formed for ! i.e. to protect the rights of Christians and their way of life.

The aim of KT-UK though, is to broadly follow their original ideals, but broadening it out, to not only Christianity in the UK, but to all other lawful faiths and non faiths, such as Agnostic, and Atheists. At the moment in the UK, we enjoy a balanced environment, where people can follow their own faith or non faith without hindrance. However, with the advent of mass immigration, this balance can be swung in many directions, including ones where extremists of particular faiths, may wish to dominate and control other's beliefs.

Aim One.... Immigration.
We seek to persuade our government to amend our immigration laws, to include, that all illegal immigrants should be returned to their country of origin immediately upon being found. No court cases, special needs, asylum, appeals etc. should be entered into. If you're an illegal immigrant, quite simply and quickly, you are deported.

The minimum requirements for those seeking legal immigration, should include that they have a permanent job offer in a skilled trade, or intend to set up a business here and can prove that they have the finances in which to do so. Unskilled or semi-skilled workers should be allowed in, only if they have a permanent job offer  and only if this country has a shortage of such workers. All immigrants should be required to be able to speak and read English and have no medical problems. The right to apply for UK citizenship, should only be given after a period of 5 years and then only granted if they have not been involved in any unlawful activities.  Further more, citizenship can only then be granted if the immigrants country of origin, issues a guarantee to repatriate the immigrant should a UK court rule to revoke the UK citizenship or application. This would eliminate any restrictions on deporting convicted criminals and terrorists on the basis that they would be stateless.
The rights, granted at the moment to EU workers, in relation to working in the UK, should  be withdrawn, and they should only be eligible, as per our minimum requirements outlined above.